Dongguan Hongqing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd1

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Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Seller
Brands: HK
No. of Employees: 100~200
Annual Sales: 3,750,000-5,000,000
Year Established: 2015
Export p.c: 60% - 70%

Dongguan Hongqing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the needs of the LED Lighting and Lingting Electrical industries. We are forward thinking, and innovative…From materials to marketplace, we strive constantly to better understand and service the needs of our customers, and their consumers.

Founded in 2015, HK is a full service product development and manufacturing company, focusing on design, research, development, and manufacturing of LED Lighting & Lighting Electrical products. Our engineering staff has decades of experience in design and manufacturing, with great attention to innovation, project management and superior customer service.

We place high value on strategic relationships, and our customers are industry leaders and innovators across South Africa, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We work closely with our customers,

Not only do we help you choose the perfect energy efficient lighting products for your space,but also help with installation,customization and provide after sale service for the same.In addition to LED lights,Lyouthe ready to use architecture AND decorative lights which are specifically curated for the customers and also promotes electrical products such as LED display,Dimmers,Smart home systems etc.of value added products.



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In today’s competitive environment firms must focus on their core strengths while aggressively pursuing cost savings, innovation and managing the inevitable risks to maintain their competitive edge. Our global customers are facing these challenges like never before, and Luxtronicl supports our clients with strategic sourcing and supplier management.


We’ve been developing and manufacturing LED lighting and lighting electrical products in China for over a decade now, and our experienced industry experts and sourcing staff provide an integral function to our manufacturing business, which translates to direct value for our customers. It is all about finding, making and maintaining the savings to generate bottom line results – it’ critical to our business as well as yours.


Engineering and tooling:


High quality product design is not an accident. Luxtronic is a strategic supporter of product design and engineering. We have a wide array of capabilities upon which we can draw to meet our customers’ needs. When it comes to designing and engineering LED lights products, Luxtronic is supported by a creative staff of designers and engineers ready to support all phases of our projects.




The best product design is often the result of several iterations before arriving at the right design. We have the supply chain and the expertise to quickly get concepts off the screen and into your hands for real world testing and validation, and success!


When aesthetics and geometric accuracy are of paramount importance, we can provide amazing production quality CNC or 3D printing prototypes at a competitive cost.


– Stamping

– Device Assembly (Hand and Machine)




As a fully-integrated supplier, we provide value-added packaging solutions for all ranges of LED lighting products. Our strategic partnerships, advanced equipment, and professional support offer a great resource for all your packaging needs. Within our manufacturing capabilities, we are able to assemble parts to produce finished goods as well as customize packaging to each customer’s specific needs. Our packaging design and development services include:


– Packaging Design

– Packaging Engineering

– Testing & Analysis

– Blister Packaging

– Package/Product Assembly

– Pouching

– Custom Labeling

– Heat sealing

Our Team

Engineering Team:


We are specialized in a wide range of mechanical and production engineering disciplines. Our design engineers are experienced and adept at reviewing initial customer information and will communicate design progress at key intervals. Working together with other Luxtronic teams, the engineering team shares the goal of achieving the highest quality standards, with timely delivery.



Production Team:


Working together with our qualified engineers, our production technicians are fully experienced in the LED lighting industry, with strengths in alum. die-casting, Extrusion die and stamping dies, We can assist you with creative and effective tool design, eliminate risk associated with late deliveries and strengthen your margins through process improvement.