• Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe
  • Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe
  • Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe
  • Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe
Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe

Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe

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Brand Name: AOLITTEL
Model Number: NSAB1104FC1-112S2M

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Minimum Order Quantity: 800 Pieces
Price: USD 4 to 10 Per Pieces
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100,000 Pieces Per Month
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Detail Information

Article Name: Food Probe Sensing Element: R25:100KΩ ±1% R25/50:3950K ±1%
Probe: Stainless Steel Probe Φ4*0.3*180 Handle: SS304 Handle Φ11*60
Spring: Spring 6*0.6*30 Cable: AWG#26 *2P PTFE 380℃
Jack: 2.5mm Mono Jack Operating Temperature: -40~+350C
Response Time: 8sec Dissipation Coefficient: 2.5mW/C
Insulation Resistance: 100MOhm 500VDC Withstand Voltage: 5sec 1500VAC
High Light:

100K stainless steel thermocouple probe


100MOhm stainless steel thermocouple probe


100K food grade temperature sensor

Product Description

Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe


BBQ FireBoard Thermometer Meat Safe Food Probe 350C Stainless Steel Cord Thermistor RTD Micro Temperature Sensor 100K



Dimension (mm)


Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe 0





2-1 ELEMENT R25:100KΩ ±1% R25/50:3950K ±1% 1 pcs
2-2 PROBE Stainless Steel Probe Φ4*0.3*180 1 pcs
2-3 HANDLE S304 Handle Φ11*60 1pcs
2-4 SPRING Spring 6*0.6*30 1pcs
2-5 LEAD WIRE AWG#26 *2P PTFE 380℃ 1100mm
2-6 CONNECTOR 2.5mm Mono Jack  
NO Item Sign Test Conditions Min. Normal value Max. Unit
4-1. Resistance at 25℃ R25



99 100 101
4-2. B Value B25/50   3910.5 3950 3989.5 k



σ In the air 2.5   / mw/℃
4-4. Time constant τ In the air / / 8 sec
4-5. Insulation resistance / 500VDC 100 / /
4-6. Withstand voltage / 1500V AC 5 / / Sec
4-7. Operating temp.range / / -40 / +350





Food Temperature Probe provides accurate temperature readings in meat and food, and can easily be inserted with the sharp tip.support both Thermistor and RTD probes is available.The stainless steel food probe (NTC) is ideal for accurately recording temperatures in liquid and semi-solid foods. It delivers fast results thanks to its very short response time of just 8 seconds.


Cook meat, fish and poultry individually and with precise temperature control: the food probe monitors the core temperature when roasting and lets you know the remaining cooking time. As a result, you do not need to supervise the cooking process.
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Precision NTC temperature sensor

Made of stainless steel, waterproof according to IP65

Short response time of 8 seconds

Measuring range: -40 to +350 °C

IP65 Waterproof / Clean


Life Test
NO Item Technical requirements Test conditions and method
5-1. High temp. Test





No change with withstand voltage,

Insalution performance.

Appearance without damage.

105±5℃,1000±24 hrs
5-2. Low temp. tes -20±5℃,1000±24 hrs
5-3. Endure moisture test Store in environment 65±2℃,90%-95%RH for 1000±24 hrs
5-4. Temp. cycle test Place the sample in -20℃ for 10 min, in 25℃ for 2 min and in 80 ℃ for 10 min.and repeat for 500 times.
5-5 Tensile tests

After tensile test, the sensor should be

no damage and no falling.zero power

resistance change rate should be less

than ±1% in 25℃

Clamp wire at 50mm away from the inner edge of the connector terminal, then put 10N static tension between terminal and wire for 1min, along axial direction.after the test, check if there is any borken wire, falling off or damage and measure zero-power re.
5-6 Drop test

No technical damage. zero power

resistance change rate should be less than ±1% in 25℃

Drop the sensor from a meter high through axial and lateral direction to cement floor, each direction for 5 times.then check the appearance and measure zero-power resistance in 25℃
5-7 Vibration test

Frequency range:10-500HZ,accelerated speed:10g,frequency sweep time: both X and Y for 30 min.recover for 4 hours after test, visual inspect the appearance of the sensor and measure zero- power resistance in 25℃



Actual Product Photos


Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe 2

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1. FOOD PROBES These are used for taking the actual temperature of hot and cold food. The probe should be inserted into the centre of the food. Remember if probes are not cleaned before and after each use, food may become contaminated so bactericidal wipes should be used.


2. BETWEEN PACK PROBES These are used for taking the temperature of packaged foods. A special flat probe is sandwiched between two packs of food and gives an indication of the actual product temperature.


3. AIR PROBES These are used for taking the air temperature within refrigeration units. Air temperatures will vary and may not be the same as the food. Remember not to take a reading of units when doors have been opened or when on a defrost cycle.





The probe thermometer should be calibrated on a regular basis. This can be done inserting the probe into boiling water and checking the reading is 100°C or by melting crushed ice and checking it is reading 0°C. On an annual basis it should be professionally checked and calibrated, This may be carried out by the manufacturer or supplier.



Temperature and Time Requirements for Foods


Safe Food is Good Business


Temperature and time are the most important factors for controlling growth of disease-causing bacteria in food. This fact sheet will help foodworkers use time and temperature to ensure safe food and reduce the risk of foodborne illness


Temperature danger zone

  • Temperature danger zone is between 41°F and 140°F.
  • Keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Always use a thermometer to check food temperatures.
  • Potentially hazardous foods must pass through the temperature danger zone as quickly as possible.


Cooking raw animal foods


Always use an accurate food thermometer to make sure foods are cooked to and held at these safe temperatures.

The table and figure below show minimum cooking requirements for
some common raw animal foods.




Internal Temperature and Time

Wild game
Stuffed fish, meat, pasta or poultry
Stuffing containing fish, meat or poultry

165°F for 15 seconds

Chopped or ground meat, fish, and commercially raised game
Injected or tenderized meats
Eggs for hot holding

155°F for 15 seconds
150°F for 1 minute
145°F for 3 minutes

Commercially raised game
Eggs for immediate service

145°F for 15 seconds


The Cooking Beef and Corned Beef Roasts fact sheet summarizes cooking requirements based on oven type and weight of roast.

Meat Safe 100K Stainless Steel Thermocouple Probe 4



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