• Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe
  • Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe
  • Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe
  • Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe
Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe

Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe

Product Details:

Brand Name: Aolittel
Model Number: NSAB1104FC1-801M

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Pieces
Price: USD 2.5 to 5 Per Pieces
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500,000Pieces Per Month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Meat Ambient Probe Speed: 8 Sec
Withstand Voltage: 5 Sec At 1500VAC Insulation Resistance: 100MOHM At 500VDC
Temp Range: -40~350C Dissipation Coefficient: 2.5mw/C
Resistance At 25℃: 100KOhm B25/50: 3950
Housing: Φ4*190 Stainless Steel Probe Handle: Φ8×40 Aluminum
High Temp Cable: Braided AWG#26*2P 380℃ Connector: Φ3.5 Stereo Jack
High Light:

1.85m smoker temperature probe


100K smoker temperature probe


1.85m meat temperature probe

Product Description

Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe


Smoker Grill Meat Ambient Probe Stainless Steel Micro Temperature Sensor 100K 3950 1.85 Meter With Audio Jack



Dimension (mm)


Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe 0





2-1 ELEMENT R25:100KΩ ±1% R25/50:3950K ±1% 1 pcs  
2-2 PROBE Φ4*190 Stainless steel Probe 1 pcs  
2-3 HANDLE Φ8×40 Aluminum handle 1pcs  
2-4 LEAD WIRE Braided AWG#26*2P 380℃ 800mm  
2-5 TERMINAL Φ3.5 Stereo Jack 1pcs Black




NO Item Sign Test Conditions Min. Normal value Max. Unit
4-1. Resistance at 25℃ R25



99 100 101
4-2. B Value B25/50   3910.5 3950 3989.5 k



σ In the air 2.5   / mw/℃
4-4. Time constant τ In the air / / 8 sec
4-5. Insulation resistance / 500VDC 100 / /
4-6. Withstand voltage / 1500V AC 5 / / Sec
4-7. Operating temp.range / / -40 / +350





The temperature probe allows you to determine if the food being cooked is done by reading the internal temperature of the food rather than the termperature of the air within the oven cavity. On models that come with a turntable, the turntable will automatically be turned off when the probe is inserted.Monitor the temperature of your grill or smoker from the convenience of your smart phone with the iGrill Pro Ambient Probe. This durable, stainless steel probe measures -30°C to 300°C and clips onto your grill grate to provide exact ambient temperature tracking.


______________________________________________________________________________Epoxy Coated Photocell 11mm Diameter Photoresistor Light Sensor GM11528 With Light Resistance 10-20 KOhm Download________



Reliability Test


NO Item Technical requirements Test conditions and method
5-1. High temp. Test





No change with withstand voltage,

Insalution performance.

Appearance without damage.

350±5℃,1000±24 hrs
5-2. Low temp. tes -40±5℃,1000±24 hrs
5-3. Endure moisture test Store in environment 65±2℃,90%-95%RH for 1000±24 hrs
5-4. Temp. cycle test Place the sample in -20℃ for 10 min, in 25℃ for 2 min and in 80 ℃ for 10 min.and repeat for 500 times.
5-5 Tensile tests

After tensile test, the sensor should be

no damage and no falling.zero power

resistance change rate should be less

than ±1% in 25℃

Clamp wire at 50mm away from the inner edge of the connector terminal, then put 10N static tension between terminal and wire for 1min, along axial direction.after the test, check if there is any borken wire, falling off or damage and measure zero-power re.
5-6 Drop test

No technical damage. zero power

resistance change rate should be less than ±1% in 25℃

Drop the sensor from a meter high through axial and lateral direction to cement floor, each direction for 5 times.then check the appearance and measure zero-power resistance in 25℃
5-7 Vibration test Frequency range:10-500HZ,accelerated speed:10g,frequency sweep time: both X and Y for 30 min.recover for 4 hours after test, visual inspect the appearance of the sensor and measure zero- power resistance in 25℃



Product Photos


Aluminum Handle 100K 3950 1.85m Smoker Temperature Probe 2



Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures


Use this chart and a food thermometer to ensure that meat, poultry, seafood, and other cooked foods reach a safe minimum internal temperature.

Remember, you can’t tell whether meat is safely cooked by looking at it. Any cooked, uncured red meats – including pork – can be pink, even when the meat has reached a safe internal temperature.


Why the Rest Time is Important


After you remove meat from a grill, oven, or other heat source, allow it to rest for the specified amount of time. During the rest time, its temperature remains constant or continues to rise, which destroys harmful germs.


Category Food Temperature (°F) Rest Time
Ground Meat & Meat Mixtures Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb 160 None
Turkey, Chicken 165 None
Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb Steaks, roasts, chops 145 3 minutes
Poultry Chicken & Turkey, whole 165 None
Poultry breasts, roasts 165 None
Poultry thighs, legs, wings 165 None
Duck & Goose 165 None
Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird) 165 None
Pork and Ham Fresh pork 145 3 minutes
Fresh ham (raw) 145 3 minutes
Precooked ham (to reheat) 140 None
Eggs & Egg Dishes Eggs Cook until yolk and white are firm None
Egg dishes 160 None
Leftovers & Casseroles Leftovers 165 None
Casseroles 165 None
Seafood Fin Fish 145 or cook until flesh is opaque and separates easily with a fork. None
Shrimp, lobster, and crabs Cook until flesh is pearly and opaque. None
Clams, oysters, and mussels Cook until shells open during cooking. None
Scallops Cook until flesh is milky white or opaque and firm. None

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